Residential Real Estate Lending

Arizona is something special, and it doesn’t take a resident to realize that. The Grand Canyon State has gained considerable attention over the years from international visitors who have fallen in love with our clear skies, open roadways, and surplus of attractions. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for Arizona vacations to turn into extended Arizona holidays, before finally becoming permanent Arizona relocations. If the Arizona appeal motivated you to carve out a piece for yourself, our owner-occupied loans or Arizona home construction loans will help you get your plans off the ground. Our residential real estate lending services make it easier than ever for you to purchase or build your new home.

Are credit issues, inconsistent or hard-to-prove income, non-conforming property, short-sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other issues preventing you from obtaining the financing you seek? Whether you require an owner-occupied mortgage or an investment property loan, we have a private money—also known as hard money—bridge loan program to fit all of these situations.

Investment Loan

Our residential real estate lending hard money loans are flexible because they are funded by private investor capital. This allows us to customize each plan to accommodate the needs of our clients. This flexibility also allows us to look beyond any financial issues in the past. Our primary consideration when evaluating a real estate loan is the borrower’s ability to perform going forward as opposed to any issues they may have had in the past. Our team has already supplied Arizona home construction loans as well as bridge loans, private money or hard money loans, and refinance loans for hundreds of projects and helped both life-long natives and new residents to purchase, refinance, and construct homes across the state. For residents, acquiring their first home or building a fully customized home from scratch is a thrilling accomplishment, and we at Arizona Mortgage & Investments couldn't be happier to help our clients achieve those milestones through our hard money or private money real estate loans.

Here are some of our alternative financing criteria and residential hard money loan types:

  • Owner-Occupied Mortgages
  • Non-Owner Occupied Investment Property Loans
  • Cash-Out Refinance
  • Construction Loans-New or Rehab
  • Fix and Flip
  • Single-Family or Multi-Family Property
  • No Pre-set Limit on Number of Properties

For further information about our Arizona residential home construction loans, bridge loans, or residential real estate lending, including residential hard money loans, or to schedule a consultation to discuss your private money mortgage request, please reach out to our team at (480) 565-1200. We look forward to working with you.