Arizona Mortgage Secured Loan Fund

Offering income-producing alternative investment options targeting a 9-10% annualized return.


Investment Loan

The Arizona Mortgage Secured Loan Fund, LLC (“Fund”) was created to provide an income-producing alternative investment. Our real estate investment fund is intended to generate monthly cash flow with a targeted 9-10% annualized return to investors through investment in real estate loans secured by first lien deeds of trust on Arizona properties. The intent is that all net interest received is available for distribution to members on a monthly basis.

Loans that the Fund may invest in must meet certain criteria as defined in the Private Offering Memorandum (“POM”) including having a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 65% based on the real estate investment fund’s estimate of the current market value of the property at the time of loan origination. Credit and income will be reviewed for all borrowers, and they must demonstrate the ability to service the debt. Also, a well-defined exit strategy for paying off the loan must be in place prior to the approval of any loan for Fund investment. The majority of the loans the Fund will invest in are expected to have a term of one to two years.

The Fund offers the following:

Diversification: An investment in the Fund spreads an investment over multiple loans on varying property types to different borrowers with the intent of decreasing the risk of significant disruption to the Fund’s cash flow from a delay in performance of any individual loans.

Liquidity Option: Following the two-year minimum investment period, Fund investors may request redemption of all or part of their investment in accordance with the terms of the POM.

More Favorable Effective Yield: All principal repayments from loans are automatically reinvested in new loans in order to try to optimize the effective yield on the investment as compared to individual Deed of Trust investments.

Reinvestment Option: Fund investors have the option of automatically reinvesting their monthly income distributions back into the Fund so that they may be able to compound their interest and increase the yield on their initial investment.

Minimum Investment: The minimum investment of $50,000.00 was established with the intent of making entry into the Fund accessible.

Professional Management: The Fund’s management team has over 45 years of combined experience in real estate and real estate lending having originated and funded over $5 billion in private money real estate loan transactions, including the previous creation and administration of 12 successful similar funds. All loan administration activities are performed by the Fund’s management team making this a truly passive investment for the investor.

You must be an accredited investor to participate in the real estate investment fund. Please contact us for a Private Offering Memorandum for the Arizona Mortgage Secured Loan Fund, LLC containing more detailed information and the general risks and other disclosures pertaining to investment in the Fund. You may also reach us with questions at (480) 565-1200 or [email protected] or [email protected]. This advertisement is being published and circulated by Arizona Mortgage & Investments, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, the Fund’s Manager.

The advertisement above is qualified in its entirety by the more detailed information, and the general risks and other disclosures appearing in the Private Offering Memorandum. You and your attorneys, accountants, or business advisors should thoroughly review the entire Private Offering Memorandum prior to making an investment decision. In addition, Arizona Mortgage & Investments, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, or its authorized agents are available to answer questions and to provide additional information upon request.