Our Approach

We are an equity-based lender, sometimes referred to as "hard money" or "private money," that is more interested in your ability to pay going forward, than any issues in the past. Whether it’s a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, credit issues, hard-to-prove income, non-conforming property, or other issues that are preventing you from financing your dream, we can look past these issues to the promise still ahead.

  • Loan Amounts: To $3 million
  • No Minimum FICO Scores
  • Short-Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy Okay!
  • Individual or Corporate Borrowers
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Non-Conforming Property
  • Investor and Owner Occupied
Investment Loan

Loan Products

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Construction
  • Lots and Land

Our Relationships

Our business is predicated upon our relationships. We seek to serve traditional lenders like mortgage brokers and banks by providing them with an alternative lending source to meet their client’s needs. On a short-term basis, this preserves their relationship while they work with those clients to clear the obstacles preventing them from qualifying for traditional loans today, at which time, they can refinance them out of our loan.

Similarly, we serve real estate agents by providing a more flexible lending alternative to their clients or transactions that cannot currently qualify for traditional financing thus preserving their sale and increasing their ongoing value to their clientele.