Lot & Land Loans

Arizona is a place of wide-open vistas, yet only approximately 18.1 percent of the land is privately owned with the rest belonging to federal and state agencies or Native American tribes. With such a relatively small amount of land available for use by Arizona’s ever-growing population, it’s imperative to maximize the use of every parcel. That’s why Arizona Mortgage & Investments is ready to help with our lot and land loans.

Investment Loan

Arizona Mortgage & Investments offers private money, or hard money, land loans on both residential and commercial property to help maximize the potential of our client’s land, whether it be acquisition, refinance (including cash-out) or lot development or construction loans.

Our land loan terms range from six-month, short-term bridge loans to several years, depending on what our clients are looking for. Because our hard money real estate loans are funded with private money capital, our underwriting is flexible enough to customize each land loan to our client’s needs. Our property financing has no minimum credit score requirements and can overlook past credit issues such as short sales, foreclosures and even a recent bankruptcy that can derail a loan with most other lenders. In underwriting our private mortgages, we consider all of our client’s income sources, not just the bottom line on a tax return, and specialize in working with self-employed clients.

Our down payment criteria for our land loans are flexible, too. We allow gifted funds, subordinated seller carrybacks, and can cross-collateralize our land loans with other real estate our clients own to pull cash out towards the down payment on a new land purchase.

Our lot and land loans are the perfect solutions to help you launch your project. Whether you’re acquiring for immediate land development or vertical construction, to hold for investment or perhaps just looking to refinance to free some cash for deployment elsewhere, we can help. Call us today and find out how our land financing can work for you.

Here are some of the private money land loans we provide:

  • Improved Lots (Roads and Utilities Already Installed)
  • Lot Development (Installation of Onsite and/or Offsite Infrastructure)
  • Raw Infill Land (Unimproved Land in or Near the Path of Progress)
  • Commercial and Residential